I Loved Every Minute of It / by shawna cross

I know, I know, "coming soon", how long can that take?

The truth is, almost as soon as I'd jumped into my studio full time, an opportunity at Burlington City Arts (BCA, BCA, the beloved BCA!) arose and I jumped right back out. There was no hesitation on my part; I've dreamed of being part of that team for so long.

The timing, I know, wasn't perfect. We had plans to move once Sam settled on a Ph.D. program, and at that moment he was still flying around the country, interviewing. I proposed that I would stay in Burlington and the position for a full year, knowing that would mean about half a year of long distance relationship-ing and rent on two apartments, and luckily, BCA took me up on that.

What a year that was. The best. A team of the most beautiful hearts and minds, deeply committed to their artists, their community, and the needs and changes of both. I loved every minute of it. My position was tough, it's true, and often meant staying until nearly midnight, but I enjoyed all of it, and learned so much. I'll post photos from some of my favorite events - the Lunchtime Concert Series, the Architecture + Design Film Series, the Jazz Festival, the award ceremonies, and the wildly successful Holiday Board dinner (the pièce de ré·sis·tance that became my farewell) - soon. I love looking back on them!

And now here I am, sitting in Boston (Sam chose Harvard), engaging with a totally new community. Packing up my studio was sad, but not terrible (more in another post), and for the meantime I've turned our living room into my studio, where I'm currently working on freelance designs and events, as well as personal design projects, functional fabric designs, and, for the first time, a book design. Also, of course, wedding plans, as the day is creeping near - this has been a fun process and feels like one of my biggest collaborative installations yet, as we pull from the talents of our friends and family to make one memorable Midsummer's Eve dinner party. Yes, I also see what's absent from the list - painting! My canvases are all wrapped in plastic and cardboard, and I look at them every day. I'll share the progress that was made on them, as well as my 15 month search for the "perfect pink". I love it.

Over the past year and a half I told myself I couldn't post on here, as I didn't have a full series to show yet. Of course I still understand that, but I've realized it also means missing out on the other creative projects that are equally worth sharing. So, here I am. I really can't wait to tell you about that pink.